Hey guys, so I decided to start a new YouTube channel, as if I didn’t already have enough going on, right? So the new channel, “Gardening With Chris”, is about one of my favorite past times, yup you guessed it; gardening. I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time now and decided that now Read More →

My wife received her Apple Watch Sport today. When we placed the order just 10 past midnight on the 10th of April, we were notified that the watch would not deliver until May. It came totally as a surprise that we received it today. My wife got the Apple Watch Sport with the Anodized Aluminum Read More →

While cleaning up the office this weekend I thought that now would be a perfect time to clean up the desktop on my MacBook Pro. Time to get organized. While doing so, I realized just how many different projects I have going on with each using a different kind of app. With my OCD, this Read More →

I’ve seen this question asked time and time again and it goes a little something like this. I have a custom class that I’ve made and when something happens I would like to be notified in another class. Well, you could simply use NSNotificationCenter for this but there is a much more elegant solution available Read More →