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Apple Watch Unboxing Video

My wife received her Apple Watch Sport today. When we placed the order just 10 past midnight on the 10th of April, we were notified that the watch would not deliver until May. It came totally as a surprise that we received it today. My wife got the Apple Watch Sport with the Anodized Aluminum face and the white sport…

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Custom Folder Icons

While cleaning up the office this weekend I thought that now would be a perfect time to clean up the desktop on my MacBook Pro. Time to get organized. While doing so, I realized just how many different projects I have going on with each using a different kind of app. With my OCD, this naturally resulted in the creation…

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Fun Stuff


With science being such a huge part of our every day lives I thought you all might enjoy this nice graphic.

Fun Stuff

Lost Epilogue

If you’ve seen the entire series of Lost then you are most likely one of the many fans who have been left with tons of questions. The video below actually answers a few of these.