Gardening, Weekend Projects

New YouTube Channel

Hey guys, so I decided to start a new YouTube channel, as if I didn’t already have enough going on, right? So the new channel, “Gardening With Chris”, is about one of my favorite past times, yup you guessed it; gardening. I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time now and decided that now would be the perfect time…

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Apple Stuff, Apple Watch, Fun Stuff, Misc

Apple Watch Unboxing Video

My wife received her Apple Watch Sport today. When we placed the order just 10 past midnight on the 10th of April, we were notified that the watch would not deliver until May. It came totally as a surprise that we received it today. My wife got the Apple Watch Sport with the Anodized Aluminum face and the white sport…

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Arduino, Misc

Chinese Arduinos with CH340 / CH341 Serial / USB Chip on OS X Yosemite

NOTE: There’s an updated signed driver that works all the way up to Sierra: If you have the old driver installed, then you should uninstall it first. Here are the instructions for uninstalling the old driver: Open up Terminal Type the following: cd /System/Library/Extensions/ Press enter Type the following: cat usb.kext/Contents/Info.plist | grep wch.usb.usb Press enter You should have received…

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Fun Stuff, Misc, Weekend Projects

Custom Folder Icons

While cleaning up the office this weekend I thought that now would be a perfect time to clean up the desktop on my MacBook Pro. Time to get organized. While doing so, I realized just how many different projects I have going on with each using a different kind of app. With my OCD, this naturally resulted in the creation…

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Misc, Programming, Unity3D

Unity3D Game Design II – Final Project

Hey everyone, just wanted to share my final project that I just submitted for my Unity3D class. The name of the game is Daleks Vs. Cybermen. Being a Doctor Who fan helped me come up with the title and theme of the game. The models of the Dalek and the cyber man were downloaded from the internet. I’m not sure I…

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Fun Stuff


With science being such a huge part of our every day lives I thought you all might enjoy this nice graphic.