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Custom Folder Icons

While cleaning up the office this weekend I thought that now would be a perfect time to clean up the desktop on my MacBook Pro. Time to get organized. While doing so, I realized just how many different projects I have going on with each using a different kind of app.

With my OCD, this naturally resulted in the creation of custom folder icons for projects. I just finished creating the icon for my Arduino projects and before that one, I made one for Unity.

Here’s what they look like



Let me know what you guys think. I’ve included a compressed zip file containing both folders in ICNS format ready to be applied to any folder on your Mac.

To use these custom icons simply follow the below instructions:

  1. Double Click on one of the 2 icons that you just downloaded. They should open in Preview
  2. Click Edit
  3. Click Copy
  4. Close Preview
  5. Right Click on the folder that you want to use the icon for.
  6. Click on Get Info
  7. In the dialog that pops up, look towards the top. You should see the default folder icon on the left with the folder name to the right along with the size and date modified.
  8. Click on the folder. It should now be highlighted.
  9. Click Edit
  10. Click Paste
  11. The folder icon should now be replaced with the icon you picked in step 1.

Any questions feel free to ask..

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Until next time.

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