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Add an existing Xcode project to a Remote Git Repository

I recently found myself needing to add an existing Xcode project to a Remote Git Repository. This was an older project that I had recently rediscovered while cleaning my desktop. Needless to say, when I initially created the project I did not create a repository local or remote for it.

As it turns out, it is actually a relatively simple process to do this. Just follow the steps below:

Launch Terminal or any other console application

Change to the directory of your project

For example, my project is located in the TestProject directory on my Desktop so my command would look like this

Create a local repository for the Xcode project by using the following commands

Now that we’ve got a local repository, we can easily push to our remote repository. Just use the following commands

That’s it, now you should be able to open Xcode and click on Check out an existing project which will then prompt you for the location and credentials. Once you’ve verified that your project has successfully checked out, feel free to delete the old one from the desktop.

Please feel free to ask questions if you are having problems with any of the above steps.


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