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Calendar Colors in iOS7

So the other day my boss approached me furious about the new iOS 7 update. Curious as to why he was so upset with the update I asked him why. He replied that after the update all of his calendar entries appeared in pink… Why the calendar color would default to pink I cannot understand. His main frustration however was not that the color was pink but because there was no apparent way to change the color.

So after some researching I found a quick and simple way to change the color of your calendar in iOS7, you can follow the instructions below:

  1. Launch Calendar
  2. Tap the Calendars button at the bottom
  3. A list of all of your current calendars will be displayed. There are colored dots next to each calendar, these represent the color that your calendar entries will be. To change these, click on the info button to the right of the calendar that you wish to change the color for.
  4. A new window will appear with a list of colors amongst other things
  5. Choose the color you would like to use
  6. Click on Done in the Upper-Right corner
  7. Then click on Done again and watch as your entries change color.

In my opinion I think that Apple could have made this process a little more apparent. I’m also not sure if pink is the default color after an update to iOS 7 but don’t you think it should be a more neutral color such as green?

Questions / Suggestions? feel free to leave a comment.

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