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Lost Epilogue

If you’ve seen the entire series of Lost then you are most likely one of the many fans who have been left with tons of questions. The video below actually answers a few of these.

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Calendar Colors in iOS7

So the other day my boss approached me furious about the new iOS 7 update. Curious as to why he was so upset with the update I asked him why. He replied that after the update all of his calendar entries appeared in pink… Why the calendar color would default to pink I cannot understand. His main frustration however was…

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Case Insensitive String Comparisons in Objective-C

Objective-C provides a quick and easy way to compare 2 NSString’s and determine if they are equal. This comparison is a very strict comparison however and also verifies matching cases within strings. Often times, it is necessary to compare 2 strings and return true when the strings are the same but the cases are not. For example:

The code…

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