If you’ve seen the entire series of Lost then you are most likely one of the many fans who have been left with tons of questions. The video below actually answers a few of these.

So the other day my boss approached me furious about the new iOS 7 update. Curious as to why he was so upset with the update I asked him why. He replied that after the update all of his calendar entries appeared in pink… Why the calendar color would default to pink I cannot understand. Read More →

I’m not the type of person who can sit still for very long. I feel like I should always do something productive. Well this weekend I gave myself the chore of cleaning out our Guest House Garage. While cleaning up, I found I had some spare wood lying around and thought I could use this Read More →

So I decided that I would write up a quick tutorial on how to read a binary watch. It’s actually pretty simple after you learn how to convert binary to decimal. Not to worry converting from binary to decimal is easy. I’ll give you a quick example of how this can be done, quickly and Read More →